About Us

About May-Ruben Technologies Inc.

finding solutions May-Ruben Technologies was originally founded in 2005 as a partnership between long-time business associates Wayne May and Peter Ruben, to focus on technologies that save energy and address water issues, and in other ways improve the quality of life of people around the world.

MRT strives to better the world through technology innovation by creating environmentally-friendly and commercially-viable innovations. For a new technology to have a transformative impact on society it must not only be a revolutionary concept, it must also be economically competitive enough to become wide-spread, and economically sustainable enough to achieve long-term impacts.

MRT’s project portfolio consists of innovations that are multi-applicable and commercially competitive, with the potential for game-changing energy and financial savings across many economic sectors.

MRT projects embody the design philosophy of the company- simplicity, reliability, efficiency, utility, flexibility, and environmental integrity. The company was originally started to concentrate on the commercialization of three of Wayne’s most powerful concepts, the Binary Fluid Ejector, High Impedance Electroporation, and the Digital Gradiometric Magnetometer. MRT has filed patent applications for these three technologies, and patent is pending in the US and over 40 other countries through international patent treaties. Other projects have also expanded the MRT portfolio, such as the Thermal Simplex Fluidic Pump.

No one can work in a vacuum, particularly when involved in multi-disciplinary research efforts. MRT has established strategic alliances with valuable industry and academic partners. These relationships, which contribute knowledge, skills, equipment and real-world feedback, are critical to successful project research and development, and have already contributed towards project advancement. MRT continues to benefit from these relationships, and establish new ones with key partners.

Company research efforts have, up to this point, been privately funded. We now believe that many of our projects have reached a stage where they are ready for outside investment. Specific business plans will vary depending on the technology, but in general MRT doesn’t intend to become a manufacture, or to manage service companies utilizing our technology. Instead our plan is to license the technologies to a variety of manufactures or users, or to create stand-alone spin-off companies with other partners. For investors at early development stages, MRT is happy to negotiate various terms, including mutually-beneficial exclusive licensing arrangements or profit-sharing, etc. If there is a technology you or your company are interested in learning more about, please contact us.

MRT is incorporated as two separate entities in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and Minden, Nevada, USA, and is proud to be located in environments that support knowledge-based economies and industry diversification.