Strategic Alliances

Strategic Alliances

May-Ruben Technologies is constantly cultivating a variety of strategic alliances with potential stake holders and end users of our technologies, such as education and research institutions, government agencies and industry leaders.

Letters of Support

In support of its grant writing efforts, MRT has received letters of support from various corporations, including: Alcoa, Ice Energy, Southern Cross, 3M Canada, Shell Canada, Electratherm, ENMAX, GE, the University of Nottingham, Kraft, Dairytown, and AltE Finance, LLC.

Research Partnerships

MRT has been awarded $569,000 from Alberta’s Climate Change and Emissions Management Council, towards development of BFE technology. (See the News Bulletin describing the award.) This project was submitted with partners 3M Canada, ENMAX and Worley Parsons, with support from Shell Canada and Electrotherm. Research partners include Dr. Saffa Riffatt from the University of Nottingham, as well as other scientific experts in the field such as Dr. Richard Powell (father of R-134a), Dr. D. Buyadgie (lead binary fluid researcher at Odessa State Academy of Refrigeration), and Dr. Garris (Department head of Aeronautical Engineering, Gorge Washington University, world expert in pressure energy exchange).

MRT has established a relationship with the University of Nottingham, UK, specifically with the research group associated with the Department of the Built Environment, the Institute of Sustainable Energy Technology, and the Institute of Building Technology. This group has been recognized as one of the world’s leading research centers for ejector refrigeration technology, and we are very excited to work with them on BFE development.

MRT has also come to an agreement with Dairy Crest and the University of Newcastle, UK, and work on the next HIE prototype will begin imminently.

Scientific Advisory Committees
MRT has established relationships with industry and academic scientists who are interested and inspired by our projects, and have agreed to join our ‘Scientific Advisory Committees’ (SAC) for certain technologies. Their role is to review technical specifications, research plans and proposed applications, and provide peer-review on MRT’s research strategies and project development.

MRT is always looking to expand our collaborations and partnerships. If your organization is interested to learn more about our environmentally friendly and socially responsible technologies, and how you can collaborate with MRT, please submit your expression of interest to:

Connie Ruben - President

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