In a world that is constantly changing, scarce resources seem to be one of the few constants. Two of the most critical challenges facing society today are to identify sustainable methods of energy-use and energy generation, and to extend and protect access to adequate clean water.

MRT’s guiding vision is to improve the overall quality of life for people around the world, which requires addressing basic needs such as water, food, energy, health and safety. In reality, all of these categories are intrinsically interconnected. Most deadly cases of diarrhoea in developing countries are due to contaminated water, or poor hygiene caused by lack of water. Water scarcity also contributes to malnutrition and poverty due to poor crops. Quality of life is poorly impacted when safety is threatened by abandoned land mines, or by political strife. In industrialized nations, water treatment and distribution, and food preservation processes are critical to the lifestyles we have become used to, but these processes use inordinate amounts of energy. Energy production contributes to GHG emissions, a growing global problem that is predicted to affect the quality of life for many people in a variety of ways. Problems must be dealt with in the context they occur, but innovative technologies that are cleverly designed can cut across economic sectors, and problem solve across multiple contexts.

MRT has chosen to follow a design philosophy for all of its projects that incorporates simplicity, reliability, efficiency, utility, flexibility, and environmental integrity. We believe that these qualities will improve the problem-solving potential of our innovations in the real world, and lead to their wide-implementation and economic success. 

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High Impedance Electroporation (patent pending)
Binary Fluid Ejector (patent pending)
Thermal Simplex Fluidic Pump
Digital Gradiometric Magnetometer (patent pending)
Differential Monoplanar Dielectometer

MRT has other exciting innovations that we are not yet ready to announce, but we do expect this list to continue growing, so please visit our site again in future.