MRT Team

MRT Team

Connie Ruben - President

Connie brings to MRT over 20 years extensive experience working in leadership roles.. She has served as the North American Vice President, Sales and Marketing for Mission Packaging, Founder and President of Call-Us Info Inc. CEO of Rockwater Secret Cove Resort and is currently serving as President of Alberta Mining Corporation, the majority shareholder of May-Ruben Technologies.. Connie brings to the table a passion for creating a strong team environment of both key employees as well as strategic partners. Her philosophy of understanding the Corporate Objectives and then putting a theme in place for all to follow goes a long way to ensure the success of the companies she is with.

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Wayne May - Chief Technology Officer

Mr. May’s professional career has evolved around mechanical engineering with an emphasis on thermodynamics, heat exchangers, and refrigeration systems. His professional experience includes the design and construction of large scale ammonia refrigeration systems for citrus processing plants, barometric coolers and condensers, waste heat regeneration and thermal fluid heating systems for the commercial laundry industry, and water recovery and reuse plants.

Equipment design experience includes a gas powered refrigeration pump for liquid ammonia, a vacuum barometric cooler for carrots and other vegetables, an ultrasonic fuel/water emulsifier for fuel oil atomization, laminar flow separator for waste water processing, a glass syringe precision metering pump for chemical injection, a dielectric spectroscopy sensor used for chemical sensing and identification, a capacitive flow sensor for chemical processing, and others, all of which he invented and enjoyed commercial success. Wayne May has had two patents issued, and currently has three applications under review (US Patent Office, and the Patent Cooperative Treaty, WIPO).

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Peter Ruben - Chairman

Peter Ruben graduated magna cum laude with a B.A (Economics) from Claremont College and a BS & MS (Engineering) from Stanford University. Peter’s visionary approach to business development is the driving force behind May-Ruben Technologies. He has been the chairman of MRT since it’s conception in 2005. Peter is also on the board of directors for Rockwater Properties, Still Point Properties and is the Chairman of Alberta Mining Corporation. Peter is passionate about his role as an agent of positive change, and is the influence behind MRT’s mandate to preserve nature, and develop new technologies that will improve the lives of future generations. Peter has an impressive track record of taking a concept and turning it into a successful business. He has been instrumental in the success of numerous start up ventures which developed into multinational companies across many industries. Peter’s entrepreneurial business experience and sense of conviction set the mood at MRT.

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Stan Martin - CFO

Stan Martin graduated summa cum laude from McMaster University with a B. Comm. and then obtained his CA. Stan has held senior financial and administrative positions in a variety of industries including oil & gas, legal, finance, real estate development and construction. Stan also brings a perspective that has been broadened through a range of executive roles in the non-profit sector. This diversity of experience will benefit AMC and MRT as we continue to develop in a variety of enterprises.

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