May-Ruben Receives Grant

New Alberta clean-tech company receives $569,000 grant for "game-changing" technology

(Calgary, Alberta, June 23, 2010): May-Ruben Technologies (MRT) today announced that their “clean-tech” Binary Fluid Ejector (BFE) has been selected to receive a $569,000 development grant from Alberta’s Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation (CCEMC).

The CCEMC has a mandate to deepen understanding of climate change, develop new ‘clean’ technologies and find practical ways to implement them. It is supported by the provincial government with funds collected from industry in Alberta.

The organization's grant to MRT will enable the new company to begin product development and testing of their BFE system in a variety of applications. “If used to its full potential, BFE stands to be a game-changer in the world energy economy,” says Wayne May, President and Chief Technology Officer of May-Ruben Technologies. “BFE refrigeration systems are highly efficient heat-pumps driven by thermal energy, such as waste heat, solar, or natural gas, instead of electricity. They have the capacity to reduce North American energy use by billions of kWh of electricity, and our carbon output by hundreds of millions of metric tonnes.”

MRT was founded in 2005 by long-time business associates Wayne May and Peter Ruben. Wayne May is an inventor specializing in thermodynamics and heat exchange systems, with two patents issued and three patent applications under review. Peter Ruben is Chairman of Alberta Mining Corporation, a third generation Calgary company, and has overseen previous successful start-up ventures.

The MRT motto is ‘technology with a conscience.’ The company’s goal, says MRT Chairman Peter Ruben, is to develop innovative technologies that yield affordable Clean Energy and Clean Water, improving quality of life around the world.

“For new technologies to have a transformative impact, they must not only be revolutionary in concept, they must also be economically competitive and sustainable,” says Peter Ruben. “BFE will have such an impact across many segments of society – from solar air conditioning to enhancement of electrical power generators to desalination of seawater.”

MRT’s supporting partners for the BFE technology include 3M Canada, ENMAX and Shell Canada.

Though an early stage technology, global interest in BFE is high. MRT has been asked to deliver a paper at the Sustainable Energy Technologies conference in Shanghai in August, and at a conference sponsored by MIT’s Lincoln Labs in Massachusetts in September.
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